Micro Probiotics

Micro Probiotics

Strong Probiotics for your skin!

Product standard and formulation
60g (2g x 30sticks)


Features of product

Micro Probiotics
1. Safe on powerful heat, stomach acid

Safe in high-temp regions such as south-east Asia (55’C). Comparing with other general fungal species, it is 1,000 times safer to stomach acid.

2. Contains 14 types of probiotics

10 billion CFU contained with 14 types of probiotics that are beneficial for your body. Fructooligosaccharide, Plantagis Semen and other ingredients are included which are food for intestine.

3. UP your skin immunity

Zinc and selenium contained increases immunity and healthiness of the skin.

Instruction of intake

Open the stick by following dotted line.
Depending on preferences, take it with water or juice or itself.

Recommended target

Have face skin trouble
Want to increase skin immunity
Struggle with excretion
Need healthier intestine


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