Inner Fresh Lemon Flavor

Inner Fresh Lemon Flavor

Fast and strong 5 digest-enzymes Contained!

Product standard and formulation
300g (10g x 30sticks)

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Features of product

Inner Fresh Lemon Flavor
Step1. Digestion, Absorption!

150 mg of 5 natural digest-enzymes make digestion and absorption of the food easy and fast.

Step2. Excretion !

High content of chicory fiber will remove all the stuffed and heavy feeling away from the body and feel refreshed.


Probiotics contained in Innerfresh allow intestine to maintain cleanliness and healthiness.

Instruction of intake

1 stick with 80ml~200ml of water.

Recommended target

  • Feel uncomfortable after meal
  • Feel bloated and not able to excrete well
  • Demand to maintain health of intestine
  • Look for healthy drink


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