Hot Body Slim Shake Cookie

Hot Body Slim Shake Cookie

First step to win your diet!

Product standard and formulation

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Features of product

Hot Body Slim Shake Cookie
1. Skinny Diet

Low in calories and fully nutritious for skinny diet!
Only 95 kcal per serving!

2. Balanced Diet for your body

High in fiber allows: Eating well and excreting well (Containing Plantagis Semen,
Indigestible maltodextrin, Polydextrose, chicory, etc.)

3. Customized for vegetarians : ‘pea’

Those who are vegetarians and/or struggle to digest soybean or milk, start your diet with product ‘pea’.
‘Hot body slim shake’ pea is made up with 100% of vegetable raw materials.

Instruction of intake

2 spoons of hotbody into 200ml of milk, soymilk or water.
Stir well and Enjoy your fabulous meal.

Recommended target

Attempting to diet for the first time
Look for simple diet
Concerned with health as over weighted
Struggle to digest or have allergies to soybean, milk or are vegetarian (Vanilla flavor)


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