Honey Moisture Jelly

Honey Moisture Jelly

Jelly time for moist and elastic honey-perfect skin!

Product standard and formulation
210g (15g x 14sticks)

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Features of product

Honey Moisture Jelly
1. Honey jelly solution for honey-perfect skin!

The completion of a beauty is skin! Our jelly will provide you a ever-glowing skin with New Zealand’s Manuka honey. Fancy a honey-perfect skin by taking Honey Moisture Jelly.

2. Moist and elastic skin like jelly

Soothe your dry skin with moisture and elasticity. Elastic jelly, nutritious Manuca honey, moist aloe will assist you. With just one packet, your skin will be meticulously nourished with fish collagen for elasticiy and Vitamin C for collagen synthesis.

3. Sweet and lean snack

Enjoy highly nutritious Manuka honey at low calories! don’t worry about diet, it’s guilt-free! Skincare alongside diet is made possible by Jelly Time.

4. Simple & Fun

Stick-pouch package will let you carry it anywhere. Enjoy it as a soft jelly at a room temperature, and as a popsicle once frozen. Spend a fun jelly time with Honey Moisture Jelly!

Functional raw material / material

New Zealand Manuka
– Excelence in moisture retention as it save 1,000 times of water and is proud enough to call “Fountain of Moisture”

– Natural elastic fibers that hold the skin, helps the skin gold vitality.

Instruction of intake

Eat 1 Stick per day

Recommended target

  • Want to imbue the skin with moisture
  • Look for simplw beauty food.
  • Have glossless and crumbly skin would like to prevent cakey makeup.
  • Are concerned with dry skin.


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