Granola Yogurt Time

Granola Yogurt Time

Sweet and sour yogurt

Product standard and formulation
350g (35g x 10sticks)

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Features of product

Granola Yogurt Time
1. Plenty of fruits and nuts chewable

Cranberry, sultana, blueberry, papaya, coconut, sunflower seed and almond will add fun and nutrition.

2. Enhance intestine health

Helps your intestine healthy by including 7 types of probiotics and fiber.

3. Low in calories high in nutrition

Able to lose weight with its low calorie(155kcal/pouch) and fulfill its lackness of nutrition with 12 types of vegetables and 10 types of grains.

Instruction of intake

Open the pouch and Pour cold water until the dotted line.
Stir and leave it for 60seconds and Enjoy!

Recommended target

Need simple snack during exercise, fishing, outdoor activity, etc
Want sweet and sour yoghurt for simple breakfast
Children and teenagers who need snack that is nutritious


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